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Qasamat: The Story of Arabian Perfumery

Qasamat: The Story of Arabian Perfumery

Much of the world today turns to social media to find new things. The latest (well, from 2023 onwards) new thing is Arabian perfumes. The sudden popularity is justified!

However, true perfume lovers know that Arabian perfumes have always been the most stunning creations. Made from a heavier concentration of perfume oils, it’s rich, intense, almost gourmand-aromatic. Recently, well-known perfume influencer Stephanie Geismar gushed about Qasamar Ebhar from Rasasi in her video. She ranked it amongst the best vanilla perfumes for women and men from the Middle East and we agree!

Qasamat Ebhar, however, is not just one perfume—it’s part of an intriguing series from the house of Rasasi. Let’s talk about it.


Capturing Beauty

Qasamat has several meanings. It could be about trying your luck or when assigned as a name, it can mean beauty. In this sense, the Qasamat series from Rasasi—one of the pioneers of fragrance in the UAE—is about capturing an irresistible joie de vivre in a perfume bottle.

The four perfumes in this range are deeply Oriental and aromatic but they are light, playful and infectious with joy. It’s an ode to the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East meeting more contemporary notes. This enigmatic expression is captured in four unique scent journeys that are addictive and accentuated by distinctive features.

However, the experience doesn’t end at the concoction. It extends to the bottle, which is a work of art. These perfumes celebrate the love for the shinier things in life, therefore, each perfume is encased in gold.

  • Bareeq


This perfume celebrates the blend of European modernism, African natural beauty and Asian spirituality. The beginning is fresh with orange, bergamot and green apple, which gives way to sweet middle notes of clove, saffron and caramel. The heart is also accentuated with the Oriental nuance of rose, jasmine and violet before delving into a robust base of vetiver, cedarwood, leather and moss.

  • Ebhar


Another dazzling offering that’s fresh and fruity with green apple and lemon in the top notes. The floral wave follows with exotic lotus, roses from Damask, orris and jasmine. The base is atypical of gourmand perfumes, rich with praline, vanilla, tonka beans and musk.

  • Morhaf


The more sensual of the range, Morhaf is evocative, powerful yet delicate. The contrast begins with a fresh layer of bergamot, lemon and raspberry. Then, the heart blooms with an Oriental blend of oudh, amber and sandalwood. Finally, the lush vanilla and musk envelope this perfume like a secret treasure.

  • Rasana


Rasana is juicy and fresh like a lemonade on a summer day. This Oriental perfume is modern, celebrating the juxtaposition of sweet and tart aromas. The leather, sandalwood and cypriol in the heart note is a plot twist before it melts into amber, musk and cedar notes. This perfume is enigmatic.


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