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Colour Therapy: Colourful Fragrances For Holi

Colour Therapy: Colourful Fragrances For Holi

It’s widely believed—studied and confirmed—that certain colours are tied to specific emotions. Yellow for joy, red for passion, green for nature, and so on. Did you know that perfumes come in various shades too? Choose your perfumes for Holi with us!

Purple Decadence

A rich, fun colour that just makes you feel oh-so confident! Among our all-time favourite purple perfumes for women is Daarej. If you’re looking for a dreamy and floral concoction that will uplift your mood, you need this perfume from Rasasi!

Another honourable mention includes Majestic Rose by RiiFFS. It’s a delicate and effervescent feminine composition that is juicy and sweet, adding the right amount of romance and fun

Blue You Away

Who says blue always implies unhappiness? It can also mean calm, safety and confidence! Some of the best blue perfumes for Holi include Radi and Rose Vanilla.

Radi by Rasasi is a delightful unisex perfume. It’s fruity and effervescent—this perfume suits everyone and every mood. Rose Vanilla by Anfar, on the other hand, is modern, sweet and subtly beautiful. So, there’s something for everyone in various shades of blue!

Green With Joy

It’s the colour of harmony and health, balancing our emotions and revitalising our bodies. Choose Aiyara Pour Femme or Queen—you will love them both for their mood-boosting effects!

Aiyara Pour Femme by Rasasi is a refreshing and energetic perfume that keeps you charged throughout the day. Queen by Anfar has similar effects with its crisp and intense notes of citrus and peppers.

No Mellow Yellow Here

Nothing spells happiness louder than the colour yellow! This cheerful hue turns every frown upside down.

Afshan by Rasasi might be glamorous but the yellow hue of the spicy florals and woods adds a skip to your step every time. Or you can choose La Fleur De Passion by RiiFFS, which is sophisticated but filled with unrestrained delight.

In the Pink of Happiness

The colour of love and comfort, of a playful spirit who doesn’t hold back during Holi! And pink is such a Holi colour. It truly reflects the pure joy of this festival. Indulge in pink perfumes like Rose De Soleil and Jour Et Nuit.

Rose De Soleil by RiiFFS is like a stroll through a mandarin orchard, plucking the juicy fruits right off the tree and enjoying them there and then. Jour Et Nuit by Boulevard has similar vibes that fill you with unbridled joy.

So, which colour will you wear this Holi? Indulge in some aromatic colour therapy with Youvora now!