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New Season, New Perfume Palettes

We completed another trip around the sun and trends are made anew. Hitching a ride on the coattails of 2023, certain aromatic trends are following us into 2024. What does the 2024 perfume palette smell like?

Modern Gourmand

Citrus and florals had their time in the sun for years now. Ever since the resurgence of the Y2K trend, a lot of nostalgic gourmand perfumes are back. “Gourmand fragrances, inspired by sweet treats,” reveals Lisa Payne from Stylus, “And using notes like vanilla, caramel and luscious fruits, continue to be incredibly popular.” Francesca Whitehead from Look Fantastic agrees, “I think we will see far more edible ingredient-focused fragrances, by that I mean notes such as vanilla and cherry.” A great example is Amber Rouge by RiiFFs, which remixes the gourmand accord with a blend of creamy roasted nuts and warm tonka beans.

Gender Fluidity

Gendering perfumes is a fairly recent concept, however, gender fluidity in perfumes isn’t about unisex perfumes either. It’s more about fragrances for men or women that begin with lighter floral or fruity notes before delving into an earthy and woody base. It’s the combination of notes traditionally considered masculine or feminine in one fragrance. Rasasi Entebaa perfume for men is a great instance of such a gender-fluid fragrance. Even if it’s marketed for men, the notes are ungendered. It has piquant opening notes of plum and pineapple with a heart of woody patchouli and vetiver—it’s the perfect gender-fluid fragrance. 

Unpretentious Botanicals

Green notes that are fresh and anchored with softer tones of honey and freesia are the latest way to denote luxury. It’s the way of smelling good without making too much of a statement. The effect is gentle but not pretentious. A statement is made but it’s a delicate whisper. Perfumes in this category are simple and authentic doused with enough old-school glamour. The perfect way to explore this is with Notre Dame by Boulevard. This fragrance is a mysterious harmony—a chypre between delicacy and strength, strangely gothic and esoteric.

Oudh Reawakening

Oudh has always fallen out of style, and it may never will. It’s a Middle Eastern perfumery signature that will never be bothered by trends. The whole world today is waking up to this confident, strong note that’s sensual, resinous, earthy, animalic and smoky. Even with such bold descriptions, oudh is a versatile note that works for all kinds of moods and preferences. Rasasi crafts some of the best perfumes with oudh notes. Our suggestions include Oudh Al Abiyad, Oudh Al Misk and Qasamat Morhaf.

Start 2024 on the right ‘note’ and find a new signature. Explore your aura anew with Youvora today!