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Long-lasting Masculine EDPs For A Valentine's Night Out

Long-lasting Masculine EDPs For A Valentine's Night Out

What is a good perfume? It could be a unique blend of notes or a passing compliment from a stranger. It could be the intensity of the aroma or a bottle that’s too beautiful to not display. Perfume lovers from around the world could argue about these points but they will agree on one thing: it’s how long a perfume lasts. 

If you have a packed schedule for Valentine’s Day, you need a perfume that will last you throughout the day and into the night. And there’s nothing better than Arabian perfumes when it comes to longevity! All the way from the UAE, here are some perfumes for men by Rasasi that will linger for hours.


While most citrusy perfumes get a bad rep for being ephemeral, it’s not the case with Abyan. The initial burst of citrus is refreshing, it’s the energetic blend of spices, apples and rose that lingers, followed by the intensity of musk and leather. The scent will stay on your clothes the next day as well!  


Egra is a fougère, therefore, it’s intense from the get-go. The juniper and spruce notes are refreshing and they are only amplified by the galbanum and fir in the middle. At the very end, you find ambergris, oakmoss and musk that lingers for a long time. It’s greener and woodier than most perfumes for men


Vanilla at the base always guarantees a perfume that will linger for hours. Aiyara may start bright and zingy with citrus and ginger, but the notes of cedarwood and geranium at the heart turn into a luxurious experience. Finally, the vanilla and dry amber at the base make it one of the best oriental perfumes from Rasasi. 


Another potent oriental perfume with vanilla at the base, Entebah is a gourmand extravaganza. Plum, pepper, lime and pineapple give this perfume an exciting opening that becomes richer and woodier with patchouli and vetiver. The creamy base of tonka beans, praline and vanilla ensures long-lasting performance. This is the perfect perfume to wear for a night out! 

Faqat Lil Rijal

The infusion of bergamot, saffron and oudh make Faqat Lil Rajal one of the most interesting oriental perfumes. The dry down is animalistic with leather, patchouli and musk. It’s intensely masculine and long-lasting, lingering for hours upon hours. 

Attar Al Mohabba

This red and silver decanter screams Valentine! The scent also heralds romance and serenity. Bergamot, neroli and grapefruit in the top notes make one’s heart flutter. The middle notes are sensual with spiced woods and rose. The smoky vetiver and animalic oudh add the perfect irresistible touch that lasts for hours. 

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