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Perfumes for the Holy Month

Perfumes for the Holy Month

As the ninth month of the Islamic calendar begins, devout believers all over the world are observing it with fasting and prayer. A question that many perfume lovers commonly ask during Ramadan is, “Can I wear perfume?”

The answer is yes! As the Fatwas of the Standing Committee states:

“All smells and fragrances in general, whether perfumes or otherwise, do not invalidate the fast in Ramadaan or at other times, whether the fast is obligatory or naafil.”

If you inhale powdered musk or incense, that would break your fast. But EDPs or concentrated perfumes are fine! Here are some of our recommendations:


This concentrated perfume for women is a picture of perfection that portrays femininity with soothing notes. Delicate florals meet deep woods as the fragrance unfolds. The mood changes with vanilla and jasmine at the heart. Then, as it dries down, it leaves behind a warm sillage with notes of sandalwood, musk and amber. Pair this with your dazzling Eid outfit!

Goodness Oud

Crafted for lovers of oud, this perfume by RiiFFS is sophistication personified. It has warm and soothing notes of agarwood, saffron and musk. It’s a classic Oriental perfume that’s perfect for Iftar and Eid as well!

Sharina Mukhallat Dhanel Oudh

This concentrated attar from Rasasi is delicate and elegant, full of timeless appeal. It’s an alchemy of the finest Oriental traditions, beginning with soft floral notes of rose and geranium, wrapped in sandalwood and woody patchouli. In the heart, you get bittersweet saffron punctuated with animalic notes. The fragrance has a certain vintage touch, which makes it the perfect evening concentrated perfume for women and men.

Musk Hareer

A precious Oriental essence, this perfume by Rasasi harmoniously plays along with contrasting contemporary notes. It’s magic in a bottle for the modern perfume lover! With unimaginable softness, the perfume opens on fresh and zesty notes of lemon and raspberry. Then, the stunning heart blooms with roses plucked from exotic gardens. Finally, the base is anchored with sandalwood, white musk and amber.

Entebah Pour Homme

If you’re buying any perfume for Ramadan, consider this one from Rasasi. Entebah is a contemporary fragrance with gentle citrusy notes and delightful gourmand base notes. It’s refreshing during hotter weather and the earthy, woody notes of vetiver and patchouli accentuate the sweeter notes of plum and lime. Entebah is great for both daytime and nighttime wear. Dazzle every occasion with this stunning perfume!

So, which one will you choose? Explore our recommendations today!