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Branded winter perfumes by Youvora

Perfume Blends To Keep The Chill Away

Seasons, emotions and perfumes are strongly linked. The chill outside makes us yearn for warmth: woollen clothes and hot beverages. That’s why we are drawn to comfy and warm scents during the colder months.

What kind of perfumes should you choose to brave the cold months? Here is our selection of perfume blends and accords to stay cosy during winter.

Smoky & Leathery Notes

Nothing feels more winter-like than earthy and smoky notes. It’s akin to the aroma of a warm fire after a stroll in the forest. Patchouli and vetiver are the perfect woody notes as they are earthy and warm. Leathery notes are either creamy and soft like suede or smoky and dark with cedarwood, birch and styrax.

Rasasi Aneen Perfume is a musky fragrance accentuated by exquisite patchouli. And if you want the warm embrace of leather, indulge in Champ de Mars by Boulevard. Cedar prevails and mingles with notes of suede and vetiver in this stunning French perfume

Sweet Woods & Ambery Notes

These types of notes are warm, comforting and mature. Balsamic elements such as labdanum and ambery ingredients like benzoin are usually found in oriental perfumes. Sweet woods such as sandalwood have a milky and round undertone. Gaiac wood is also great for a warm balsamic note in a fragrance.

For that oriental ambery warmth, nothing beats Junoon Velvet Pour Homme by Rasasi. For ambery benzoin, try Palais Royal by Boulevard.

Edible Notes

Edible scents take you directly to a winter wonderland. Caramel notes, sweet cake-like vanilla, decadent chocolate or soft almond notes create an irresistible warmth.

To capture this gourmand essence, indulge in perfumes such as Jour et Nuit by Boulevard and Rose de Soleil by RiiFFS. Jour et Nuit is a fruity fragrance that merges into an unbelievably mouthwatering vanilla base. Our other suggestion has a deep, sweet heart of caramel and tonka beans, which is perfect for sweater weather.

Warm spices

Think of Christmas cake, festive candles and mulled wine—warm spices denote the scent of winter. They are comforting and familiar. Nutmeg, clove, cardamom and cinnamon are used in food and perfumes to capture the wintery feel.

Junoon Leather Pour Homme and Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 by Rasasi are both warmed by spices, wrapping you in a comforting embrace.


If you’re overwhelmed by too many warm perfumes and prefer an uplifting touch, bergamot is the perfect choice. Yes, it’s citrusy, but it’s also aromatic, woody and spicy—bergamot is the woodiest of all the citrus notes!

For a perfume that’s both fresh and cosy, try Wojdan by Rasasi. The bergamot in the top note rejuvenates and the amber and sandalwood in the base is still winter-appropriate.

Start experimenting with winter perfumes with Youvora! Explore the collection today.