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For Homme: The Perfume Gifting Guide

For Homme: The Perfume Gifting Guide

Finding the right perfume can be a minefield. There are too many brands and scents that are trending, and the pressure from scent influencers trying to sell you the latest thing on social media. The most important thing, however, is you choose what is right for the one you’re gifting. Don’t get anything that might cost you the relationship! Besides, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, now is the time to up your scent game. For a friend, lover, brother or father—treat the man in your life to the best luxury perfume.

From the timeless streets of Paris to the whimsical scents from the land of dunes, this is the Youvora edit of the finest fragrances for men.

Junoon Leather

An oriental odyssey

Rasasi Junoon Leather Pour Homme EDP is inspired by the power, potency and vitality of leather. It’s intensely masculine, opening with smoky and animalistic notes. The spicy warmth of pepper reinforces the wildness of leather and the fiercely sensual notes of musk and oudh. Junoon Leather is packaged beautifully and has the makings of becoming your latest signature fragrance.

Champ de Mars

An irresistible Parisian adventure

With the prestigious Ecole Militaire on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other, this luxury perfume for men is the essence of masculine Paris. Champ de Mars by Boulevard is bright, astringent and luscious all at the same time. However, be warned: it will cause too many compliments!

Enigma Bois Noir

A mystery in a bottle

Translating to Black Wood, Enigma Bois Noir by Omniscent is spicy and sensual, magnetic and enigmatic. The woody warmth of cinnamon and sandalwood is mesmerising—in just one word, it’s lush!


An eternal attraction

Sharp and green, tinged with citrusy whispers, Soryani by Rasasi is a unique perfume for men. Metallic and earthy notes juxtapose with warm amber and musk, making this fragrance electrifying and heady. All words aside, it’s heavenly and it deserves a spot on your man’s vanity.

Deoro Patchouli

A bold olfactory statement

Deoro Patchouli by RiiFFs elevates cinnamon to a whole new level. Balanced with zesty blood mandarin, rich myrrh and decadent tonka bean, it’s silky and sweet. In fact, it’s so enticing, one might even wish they could drink it. However, wearing it is enough!


A romantic ode

The initial burst of floral notes melts into spicy and warm undertones, enchanted by a deep, dark medley of amber, musk and sandalwood. Among the best Rasasi perfumes for men, Daarej is charming and effortlessly effervescent. It’s potent but subtle, making it great for a perfume on the go.

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